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This library contains graphics and language that can be used to share information about the 2020 Election through social media channels, email, etc. New materials and translations will be added as they become available.

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Voting Info Flyers and Postcards

Poll Worker Recruitment

Having sufficient poll workers is crucial for the safety of our elections and to avoid long lines on Election Day that may discourage voters. Bilingual poll workers in immigrant and ethnic communities with limited English proficient voting populations are especially important to ensure that those voters’ needs are supported. In part due to the COVID-19 pandemic there is a shortage of poll workers signed up to work on Election Day. Poll workers are paid for their time and recruiting poll workers is a powerful way for you and your organization to help ensure that the 2020 elections run smoothly.

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Are you interested in helping the 2020 Election run smoothly? Are you bilingual? You can play a critical role in helping your community vote. For more info, visit https://www.michiganvoting.org/be-a-poll-worker!
Have you considered being a poll worker on Election Day? You can play an important role helping all voters make their voices heard, especially if you’re bilingual. Learn more about becoming a poll worker and sign up at https://www.michiganvoting.org/be-a-poll-worker.
Do you want to help make sure your neighbors’ voices are heard on Election Day? It’s not too late to sign up to be a poll worker on November 3. More info at https://www.michiganvoting.org/be-a-poll-worker.


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Absentee and Early Voting

As a result of the passage of Proposal 3 during the 2018 elections, voters in Michigan have more voting options than in previous years, including no-reason absentee voting. Helping immigrant and ethnic communities understand how to vote early using these options can reduce the congestion at polls on Election Day, while also helping voters concerned about COVID-19 to safely cast their ballot.

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Do you want to avoid the polls and vote before election day? All Michigan voters have the right to vote using an absentee ballot. Request yours at mi.gov/vote!
Did you know you can vote today in person or by mail using an absentee ballot? Learn about your options for voting at https://www.michiganvoting.org/vote-before-election-day!
Do you have some free time this weekend? Consider filling it by voting with an absentee ballot at your City Clerk’s office! For more info about how to vote absentee, visit https://www.michiganvoting.org/vote-before-election-day.
Are you voting with an absentee ballot? Consider dropping it off at your City Clerk’s office in person to make sure it arrives in time for Election Day! Learn more about voting absentee at https://www.michiganvoting.org/vote-before-election-day
Did you know you can register to vote and vote on the same day? Why wait? Visit your city clerk to register and vote absentee today! Learn more at https://www.michiganvoting.org/vote-before-election-day.


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Information for Poll Workers

Poll workers should have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities ahead of Election Day. These resources provide poll workers with guidance on what to expect and how to prepare prior to Election Day.

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Have you signed up to be a poll worker on Election Day? Make sure you have a plan to vote before November 3rd! Learn more about your options to vote before Election Day at https://www.michiganvoting.org/vote-before-election-day!
Are you working the polls on Election Day? Here’s what the State is doing to make sure you stay healthy.


Poll Worker Voting Plan

Poll Worker PPE and Safety

Poll Worker Requirements & Best Practices

General Voting Information & Support

With new voting rules and a pandemic, questions are bound to come up. The following Know Your Rights guides (translated into Arabic, Bangla and Spanish) provide detailed answers to the most common questions voters encounter navigating the election. Separately, voter information hotlines are available in English, Arabic, Bangla, Spanish and other languages to provide organizations and voters with immediate access to trained experts.

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Do you have questions about your options to vote in the 2020 Election? Call the Michigan Voter Protection Hotline for answers!
Do you need help making your voting plan for the 2020 Election? Call the Michigan Voter Protection Hotline for answers! Assistance is available in 13 languages.
Today is the day to make your voice heard! If you have any problems trying to vote, call the Election Protection Hotline. Assistance is available in 13 languages.


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