Global Talent Corporate Outreach Michigan Program Manager

Request for applicants | April 2024


About Global Detroit

Global Detroit is a statewide economic and community development organization. We develop and implement immigrant-inclusive strategies to drive the growth, revitalization and broadly shared prosperity of Michigan.

Cities and regions that are welcoming to immigrants are vibrant. They have strong neighborhoods, competitive companies, successful small businesses, and a rich and diverse cultural life. By intentionally including immigrants in our economic development strategies, we aim to spark growth, revitalization and sustained prosperity throughout Michigan. We work as trusted connectors, architects of ideas and change agents to build a high-growth, prosperous and inclusive regional economy.

Joining the Global Detroit Team

Global Detroit is a nationally recognized leader in building inclusive economic development strategies that begin with immigrant families and entrepreneurs, as well as international students and global talent, and lead to lasting change for our region. We are a group of thinkers and doers from Michigan and all over the world. We work strategically to build an equitable economy where immigrants are valued and meaningfully included. As a member of the Global Detroit team, you will have a chance to flex your creative muscles, step outside of what is expected and find new solutions to old problems. We welcome energetic and innovative thought leaders to apply!

Team Ethos

Our shared belief is that we can create an equitable economy by taking a strategic approach and ensuring that immigrants are valued and fully integrated. Being part of the Global Detroit team means embracing creativity, challenging norms, and finding innovative solutions to longstanding issues.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

At Global Detroit, we recognize the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). We are committed to cultivating an inclusive culture throughout our organization and a team with the skills needed to advance our mission.

Position Overview

The Global Talent Corporate Outreach Program Manager leads Global Detroit’s statewide efforts to connect global talent with Michigan’s unmet talent needs, concentrating on international students and skilled immigrant professionals throughout Michigan. The majority of the outreach work will focus on international student talent, especially for recent graduates completing STEM masters and PhD programs at Michigan’s research universities. Over a decade ago, Global Detroit worked with the region’s top research universities and private sector partners to launch the Global Talent Retention Initiative (GTRI) as the nation’s first international student retention program outside of university to connect the considerable international student talent emerging from these universities with unmet talent needs among the region’s employers, especially in high-skilled STEM positions. With new State of Michigan investment into this initiative, as well as even more dire talent shortages, GTRI is poised to expand statewide. Corporate engagement remains the most challenging and dynamic aspect to the GTRI program. Additionally, the State of Michigan is expanding programming to assist unemployed and underemployed skilled immigrants. Global Detroit’s corporate outreach will focus on helping employers connect with and utilize these talent pools.

This position will be located in West Michigan at our Grand Rapids location. The position will concentrate on corporate outreach throughout Michigan and will require the program manager to travel throughout the state. Mileage for business travel over 20 miles will be paid at Standard Mileage Rates as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Car parking costs will be reimbursed for business related parking as long as a receipt is submitted in line with the expense reimbursement procedure.

The Corporate Outreach Program Manager reports to Global Detroit’s Senior Director of Talent Initiatives and the GTRI Program Director.


  • Help lead the strategic direction of Global Detroit’s statewide global talent corporate outreach, working closely with the Global Talent Initiatives Director and GTRI Program Director to ensure that goals within GTRI’s corporate outreach are producing mission critical outcomes.
    • Help the organization to communicate the value proposition of GTRI and global talent, including collecting and reporting data and stories to document impacts and outcomes.
    • Coordinate with the team to improve the work and outcomes.
  • Develop and manage relationships with external partners critical to the success of GTRI, including employers, industry groups, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, talent firms and human resources organizations throughout Michigan.
  • Work to ensure that our corporate outreach is responsive, racially equitable, culturally competent and results driven, as well as structured to drive regional systems change. Included in this work are efforts to not only assist employers in understanding the mechanics and legal processes to hire international student talent and other immigrant workers, but to assist employers in understanding the need for and identifying opportunities to assist with creating welcoming work environments in which global talent can thrive, feel welcome and meaningfully contribute their expertise and insights.
  • Maintain and update an active database of contacts in CRM and foster collaborative working relationships.
  • Support the Global Talent Retention Initiative, Global Talent Accelerator (GTA) and Global Talent Employer (GTE) programs including planning and implementation of job fairs, facilitate employer meet and greets, employment practices surveys, roundtable discussions and corporate events.
  • Identify and work with Global Talent Initiatives Senior Director, GTRI Program Directors and Global Detroit executive team to pursue earned revenue opportunities, government contracts and grants, and philanthropic resources to support GTRI.
  • Work with both the executive team and program staff to identify research opportunities for this work arena, as well opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership (e.g., speaking engagements, webinar presentations, white papers, blogs, etc.) and collaborate with peer organizations in other states and cities to further develop global talent initiatives within the emerging field of inclusive economic development work.

Required Skills and Experience

To fulfill this role successfully, we are looking for candidates with the following:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college, or has relevant experience in talent acquisition or placement, corporate engagement, project management, or international education
  • Minimum two years of experience in talent acquisition or placement, corporate engagement or related field, project management or international education
  • Demonstrated success in navigating human resource departments, talent recruitment processes, hiring policies – examples might include recruitment, employer engagement, management and/or sales
  • Strong ability to build, sustain, and leverage multi-stakeholder relationships; outgoing and engaging with great interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong planning, organizational and project management skills with the ability to set priorities, plan, prioritize and coordinate activities
  • Ability to attend after hours events and travel, as needed
  • Able to make decisions, while remaining adaptable in a fast-paced and evolving workplace
  • Flexibility and openness to adjust to a fast-paced and evolving workplace
  • Self-starter, ability to multitask, and manage demands on time
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity and able to perform in multicultural settings; exhibits cultural competency with a range of diverse stakeholders including international students, corporations, immigrants and other minorities.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Masters degree and/or experience in business environments
  • Knowledge of Michigan corporate, business, economic development and HR communities
  • Experience with contact management software, as well as other project management software tools
  • Comfortable giving presentations and adapting messages based on the audience
  • Knowledge of U.S. immigration policy, especially employment-based visas
  • Foreign language abilities and international cultural experiences are a plus

Salary and Benefits

This position is a full-time (40 hours/week) salaried position. Salary will range between $58,750 and $70,000 per year, depending on experience, and will include benefits. Although the Global Detroit team is based in Detroit, the position would be located in the Western Michigan area with hybrid hours (partial office time, partial remote) at our Grand Rapids office.

Global Detroit’s benefits package includes retirement contributions and a SIMPLE IRA plan. We provide a 2% automatic contribution. Employees have the opportunity to contribute additional funds on a tax-free basis.

Other Benefits

Bi-Monthly Payment Structure

Annual Salary Review

Paid Time Off (Vacation, Personal and Sick Time)

Flex Time

Paid Sick Leave

Health Insurance

Professional Development and Training Opportunities

Salary Bands

In order to promote transparency and reduce bias for salary comparisons across Global Detroit and provide a clearer understanding of promotion pathways and expectations, we have implemented salary bands (pay ranges established for each role that rank job pay by experience, education and level of responsibility, and provide opportunities for more effective pay management). Global Detroit has salary bands for each full-time position. The Global Talent Corporate Outreach Michigan Program Manager is in the Grade 2: Program Manager.

Equal Opportunity Employment Statement

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, age, disability or any other protected status.

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