New American Economy: Twelve Local Communities Awarded Research to Support Immigrant-inclusive COVID-19 Relief Measures.

May 13th, 2020

Mo Kantner
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Twelve Local Communities Awarded Research to Support Immigrant-inclusive COVID-19 Relief Measures.

New American Economy announces research support to local communities committed to including immigrants in emergency responses.

NEW YORK, NY – Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic local leaders in communities across the country have been working tirelessly to ensure that all community members — and particularly the most vulnerable populations — have access to the services and support that they need. To support these local efforts, New American Economy (NAE) is pleased to announce the selection of 12 local governments and nonprofits that will receive tailored research to inform culturally sensitive emergency response measures that ensure all residents are included, regardless of immigration status.

Brownsville, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Portland, Oregon
Saint Paul, Minnesota
San Jose, California
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Detroit, Michigan
Indianapolis, Indiana
Jersey City, New Jersey
Louisville, Kentucky
Refugee Council USA

All awardees will receive customized research reports that highlight the demographic nuances of the local foreign-born population and help identify gaps in service provision and challenges that are specific to immigrant communities.

This research will be used to support strategic efforts for immigrant-inclusive emergency response initiatives, including but not limited to: multilingual emergency response material, promoting healthcare accessibility, and expanding economic relief efforts. For more on existing inclusive emergency response initiatives, see NAE’s COVID-19 Policy Resource Guide.

“The immigrant population is both essential to our country’s rapid response efforts and especially vulnerable to gaps in our social safety nets,” said Mo Kantner, Director of State and Local Initiatives at New American Economy. “NAE research will support efforts by local communities to work quickly and innovatively to fill critical gaps in federal programs and ensure that response efforts reach all residents.”

About New American Economy

New American Economy (NAE) is a bipartisan research and advocacy organization founded to educate, empower and support policymakers, influencers, and citizens across the country that see the economic and social benefits of a smart approach to immigration reform. NAE has created a coalition of civic, business, and cultural leaders who span the political spectrum and represent all 50 states. NAE makes the case for smart immigration reform in four ways: 1) we use powerful research to demonstrate how immigration impacts our economy, 2) we organize champions at the grassroots and influencer levels to build support for immigration, 3) we partner with state and local leaders to advocate for policies that recognize the value immigrants add locally, and 4) we show immigrant contributions to American culture through film, food, art, sports, comedy, and more.

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